Google Does Monitor Link Selling Forums & Facebook Groups

Gary Illyes from Google mocked that it does and can go to link selling forums and Facebook groups, even likely private ones, to uncover link networks. Although, it sounds like Google does not worry too much about these that much, as its algorithms tend to handle most of them.

Gary wrote on Twitter “Yeah because we wouldn’t ever go to Facebook groups and forums specializing on link selling. Ever!”

Here is the conversation of that tweet:

Someone asked if he actually take action/forward them to someone to action for these link things. He said most of the time he junks the email but sometimes he might dig in and then forward on to the spam team.

But yea, Google has been doing these things for well over a decade. So be careful and that means, do not do these types of link building tactics.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline.


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