Google Can’t Help Its Internal SEO Team With Search Questions

Google’s John Mueller said in a recent published video that he is not able or allowed to help Google’s internal SEO team with SEO questions. In fact, he said he wasn’t able to help answer a redirect question that the Google SEO team wanted an answer on, but he was able to help external SEOs with that question.

So he posted the video that I guess ends up answering Google’s internal SEO teams question anyway?

Here is the video where he said this at the 26 second mark:

[embedded content]

He said “That’s something that even the SEO team within Google wanted to ask us. Unfortunately we can’t help the Google SEO team with SEO questions but fortunately for you we can’t help you.”

We know Google is stricter with its internal SEO team and Google does not give that team preferential treatment. But to go to this extreme? Not to be able to answer SEO questions it would answer for other, external, SEOs.

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