Google Ads Performance Planner Added Shared Budgets, Shared Access & Conversion Delays

Google announced three new features to the Google Ads performance planner. These new features include support for shared budgets, shared access for viewing and editing and it now accounts for conversion delays.

Shared Budgets

Performance Planner now supports shared budgets in Search campaigns. With this update, you can create, modify, and download forecasts for your shared budget campaigns.

For more details on shared budgets, click here.

Shared Access

Google now lets you more easily collaborate on your performance plans with your coworkers. You can now share them for viewing and editing. To get started, click “Share” in the top right corner of your plan.

Here is a screen shot:

click for full size

Conversion Delay

Google said if your conversions or conversion value take longer than seven days to report, Performance Planner now accounts for this conversion delay. For example, if you’re planning November spend, your plan may include predicted conversions that could happen in November and December. This makes it easier for you to get a more accurate performance forecast.

More on conversion delays over here.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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