Free Google Shopping Rolling Out But You Might Not See Free Results Yet

Glenn Gabe on Friday spotted the free version of Google Shopping starting to show up in the Google Shopping results. I saw it as well and got Google to confirm it has started rolling out. But this morning, I am seeing the old paid version of Google Shopping 100% live and no sign of the free version.

Google did say that Google Shopping did began rolling out the free results on Friday and that it should continue to roll out through early this week.

Here is Glenn’s screen shot from Twitter:

click for full size

And yes, on Friday, I was able to replicate that but this morning, I see only paid results:

I asked around, others still as of this morning do see the free results – so I guess it is still rolling out as of this morning.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: At 3:30pm ET I now see the free version.


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