Five Ways to Improve Product Marketing and Sales Enablement Collaboration to Drive Revenue

Product marketing and sales enablement teams share an ultimate goal: to help sales teams sell more. Each team has an important role in driving revenue.

Product Marketing focuses on developing content assets for the sales team to use throughout the buyer journey, and Sales Enablement ensures reps know how and when to use that content to deliver great buyer experiences and close more deals.

At successful organizations, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement act as each other’s extension. That level of collaboration and alignment improves the effectiveness of each team, in turn ensuring the sales team is well equipped to grow revenue.

However, in many organizations, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement still have a ways to go before they master collaboration. Often, they plan and execute in silos, with misaligned strategies and competing priorities. As a result, neither team is as effective as it could be, and sellers don’t have what they need to become trusted advisers to their prospects and customers.

The Negative Effects of Misalignment

When Product Marketing and Sales Enablement operate independently, there’s bound to be conflict and misalignment. How does that affect organizations?

For starters, without a cohesive strategy, the two teams would push out conflicting information to Sales and tripping over each other. That can be downright confusing for sellers, making it difficult for them to determine where to best focus their attention.

If, for example, Sales Enablement acts as a filter for communication with Sales, Product Marketing may struggle to disseminate helpful and timely information and content to sellers. And if Product Marketing circumvents Sales Enablement by distributing content itself, sellers may not understand how or when to effectively use that content.


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