Five Reasons Companies Ditch Big-Name CRMs (And Go With Startups’ Instead)

The CRM market seems to be reaching saturation. But that’s all about quantity. Quality is another story: Only 18% of some 400 CRM companies on G2 are rated between 4 and 5 stars. Such a low satisfaction rate greases the wheels for startup CRMs to emerge and evolve.

Being big and mighty is not always an edge.

Look at the car market: Jeep Wrangler, an American Dream on wheels, has not monopolized the industry despite its size and horsepower. Many fantasized about owning a Wrangler in the ’80s—but eventually opted for another car. Some drive classic Fords, some choose affordable Chevrolets, and some prefer tiny Smart Cars just because they fit everywhere.

In the world of CRMs, it’s pretty much the same. If you’re a small team of 15, a giant CRM like Salesforce, SAP, or Oracle looks like a scary monster rather than a handy tool to streamline sales.

In 2019, when CRM is no longer a novelty, companies have realized their genuine needs and stopped overpaying for the features that’ll likely stay untouched for years. Instead, they are taking a closer look at lesser-known and simple solutions, which have an edge (several, actually) over big CRMs.

Their benefits are many. Here are five major ones.


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