Example Of How Google Communicates Search Issues Internally

We report issues to Google in many ways, but did you ever wonder how Google reports issues with search internally? Danny Sullivan from Google shared an example of how he documents the issue for internal reporting and posted the example on Twitter.

In the example Danny provided, he provided the full query that triggered the issue in brackets. He shared a link to the original report. He provided a screen shot of the search results page, and highlighted the issue in red outline. Then explained the issue with the search results.

Here it is:

click for full size

Why did Danny share this publicly? I have to assume for a couple reasons, maybe more. First, people like me are curious about the internal workings at Google. Second, this illustration helps those who report issues to Google understand what Google needs to communicate the issue internally. Too often you see complaints about Google search but the query isn’t shared or the snippet in question is not mentioned. Having the full picture of what Google needs to escalate the issue internally is useful.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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