Designing the Perfect Strategy: Frockaholics at Momento Dezigns’ Perfect Social Planning

Momento Dezigns is a small fashion boutique in Canberra and Frockaholics is the online side of the business. They serve up the perfect mix of the most covetable designers and latest fashion trends from Australia and around the globe.

A strong social media presence is important for anyone in the fashion industry, especially during a time when many people only have the option to shop from home.

Here’s how Momento Dezigns’ social media manager, Cassie Blanco, uses Sked Social to cross post across multiple platforms, edit images for the perfect feed and figure out the best time to post.

It starts with a plan

“The planning process is about understanding what is happening that week, fashion is fast-paced and especially in recent times, you can’t plan too far in advance. We usually have 24 new arrivals added to our website twice weekly. Showing off the new arrivals on social media is important.”

Momento Dezigns reaches their customers on three different social media channels: Instagram (@momento_dezigns), Facebook (@FROCKAHOLICSatMOMENTODEZIGNS ) and Pinterest.

Each platform is used in a different way to achieve a different goal.

On Instagram, the brand highlights the designers they carry, gives outfit of the day inspiration and shares motivational messages.

“We plan content in a way that fits together like a puzzle, with colours, patterns and an overall aesthetically pleasing look – that is unique to us, mixing brand content as well as our own unique content.”

Similarly to Instagram, Frockaholics at Momento Dezigns Facebook page is used to post relevant pictures and videos.

On Pinterest, they upload new clothing, accessories or shoe product images into their specific designer boards created, as well as having boards for Instagram images, events, collages and school formal images.

“As mentioned previously it all needs to fit together like a puzzle, through playing around with the order that content appears and editing all the images with filters that don’t vary too much. Whilst making sure there is a mix of our own content, as well as, our designers campaign images.”

One tool to rule them all 

Before Using Sked Social, Momento Dezigns relied on a few different social media scheduling tools.  

“Our method for scheduling was very sporadic using different scheduling applications for Facebook and then one for Instagram on top of that. It wasn’t like Sked where you can schedule for Instagram and Facebook at the same time in the one platform.”

Managing multiple social media accounts is already a challenge, but using different platforms for social media management for each account is even harder and more time consuming.

“It is a challenge managing multiple social media accounts. Sked has helped condense the process into one platform, so you can schedule the same content across all the different platforms.”

Streamlining their social media process allows them to focus more on branding and messaging.

Working together

“We just have one social media manager (myself) and I use Sked when I work which is usually twice a week.”

With Sked’s collaboration and external review features, Momento Dezigns is also able to create customized workflows and approval processes when needed. This is ideal when working with brand ambassadors or influencers.

“The two sides (online + physical store) work together so that we can tag products in social media posts and allow people to shop from home – very important during a pandemic (for international or national consumers).”

With Sked, they can easily tag their products and designers during the content creation process.

When to post  

“The most important metrics to use for social media when planning are the insights into when your followers are most active online. It is useful to track at least every fortnight whether these times have changed, so you can post at the most critical and visible time for your audience.”

With Sked’s detailed audience analytics and best time to post feature, Momento Dezigns has in-depth information about who their followers are, where they are in the world and when they are active on social media.

A perfect editing tool for the perfect feed

The look and feel of a fashion social media account is critical for finding potential customers. Having the right content that’s on brand can help show people who you are and what you’re about, in turn creating new sales.

Momento Dezigns relies on Sked for perfectly edited images, shoppable tagging capabilities and a look into what their feed will look like before posts even go live.

“My fav features are the cropping tool, the tagging products feature and the planner where you can see what your feed will look like.”

With the drag and drop planner feature, Momento Dezigns can easily moonboard what they want their feed to look like and schedule the posts straight from there.

Build your following and brand loyalty 

Building a community on social media can be challenging when you’re just starting out. But it’s important to stay true to who you are as a brand.

“My advice would be to have a brand guideline to help guide your online presence and make it as consistent as possible from the outset – it’s harder to fix later.”

Consistency is key. That goes for posting, branding and messaging.

“The second thing is don’t buy your following or anything like that. It will make it hard to judge how your content is performing organically and verify who truly supports you. Being genuine and posting consistently is very important – we have always posted twice a day on Instagram and Facebook.” 

If you continue to show up for people, they’ll show up for you.


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