Daily Search Forum Recap: July 1, 2020

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Promoted Governmental Web Sites In Its Latest Algorithm Update? The Federal Update.
    On June 23rd we reported about a big Google algorithm update. It seemed pretty big based on the chatter and the tracking tools. But it was not as big as a core update. After about a week, we are now seeing reports from folks in the SEO community that this update may have had a stronger influence on governmental web sites.
  • Bing On How It Ranks Web Pages & Content
    In the newly updated Bing Webmaster Guidelines, Bing disclosed how it ranks content in the Bing search results. Well, it doesn’t disclose the exact ranking formula, but it does describe that it uses these areas for ranking; relevance, quality & credibility, user engagement, freshness, location and page load time.
  • Bing Webmaster Guidelines Are Updated; A Must Read
    Bing has spent the past year working on revising the Bing Webmaster Guidelines and now it is live. The prior version was from the original 2012 version but now, it has been almost completely revamped.
  • Google Replaced The Sponsored Label With The Ads Label
    Yesterday Google has removed the “Sponsored” label on the Google Shopping Ads and replaced it with the “Ads” label you see on normal Google Search Ads. Ginny Marvin said this is “streamlining” the ads label.
  • Video: Google & Bing Talking About The SEO Community
    Google released the first video in part two of the SEO Mythbusting series. It starts with Martin Splitt of Google sitting down and talking with Sandhya Guntreddy of Bing. In short, they talk mostly about SEO community related topics.
  • Google Local Panels Tests Images In Story View
    Google is testing a new way of displaying the images in a Google local business knowledge panel listing. Google is using the stories view, where it plays the image like a slideshow story book.
  • Construction Worker At The New GooglePlex
    Here is another photo of a different construction worker at the new Google mega campus near the current GooglePlex. Before we saw a video of a worker operating a digger, here is one working on the bu

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