Can Google Search Differentiate B2B vs B2C Web Sites?

John Mueller of Google was asked if Google Search understand the difference between B2B and B2C web sites? John responded that no, not really, he said “we don’t have a direct understanding of the difference. They’re essentially webpages, if they can rank for the same queries, they might.”

This was on Twitter and the question was worded “Does Google understand how to serve a B2B website over a B2C website? I ask this because B2B and B2C are competing for the same positions/keyword but are two different business models.”

Here are those tweets:

But I suspect Google does understand searcher intent and how to match that to the most relevant content or web page for that intent. So while Google might not specifically label a site as B2B vs B2C, it probably does this some other way.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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