Can Google Detect Sarcasm?

Someone asked Google’s John Mueller if Google’s search algorithms can detect and then filter out sarcasm on the internet. It is an interesting question if Google can detect sarcasm or not, in fact, I see a ton of papers on the concept. But I’ve never seen Google talk about it (personally).

When John was asked about this on Twitter he responded with some sarcasm, and said “Nit: sarcasm is not a pun :).” “People write about things in all kinds of weird ways, we have to make do with what’s available online. People also search in surprisingly different ways, so I think it kinda evens out,” he added.

Googlers in general work on a high dose of sarcasm, in general. It just is a common trait amongst many Googlers.

Here are those tweets:

I do not see anyway to filter out sarcasm in Google search right now and I doubt Google will add any filter for it. But who knows who will come up with something to do this themselves.

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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