Bing Tests New Video Length Filter In Web Search

Microsoft Bing has been doing a lot of user experience features around search refinements and filters dynamically within various search feature boxes. Here is one more showing a filter option for the length of a video next to the video box.

Frank Sandtmann, a German-based SEO, send me this screenshot of the video feature in Bing’s search results where it allows the searcher to filter the search results based on the length of that video:

click for full size

The options are to filter by video length by short videos, medium videos or long videos. Short are less than five minutes, medium are five to 20 minutes and long is greater than 20 minutes.

I assume this is a useful filter… More importantly, it is cool to see Bing experiment with such dynamic search results.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update, it is from earlier this year:


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