Bing Advice On Optimizing For Intelligent Answers & Questions?

I will be honest, the blog post Bing posted yesterday confused me. The title is “How to Optimize Your Content for Search Questions using Deep Learning.” The author of the blog post, which is unknown, said “I think one approach to do this is to evaluate our content by following the same process that Bing’s answering engine follows and contrast it to an evaluation of competitors that are doing really well.”

In short, this Bing representative said, maybe you should look at BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations of Transformers), which is one of the “several fundamental system that Bing” and other search engines use to come up with these answers. He is implying that you can apply BERT to your content, some how, to better your shots at coming up in Bing for its Intelligent Answers and People Also Ask results.

How? Not so sure. Read the post over here and let me know.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: This blog post on Bing’s blog might not be from Bing at all. It seems like it was a guest blog post by an SEO named Hamlet Batista.

Update 2: As I thought, this blog post is half written. There is more to be shown here and Bing said it will be fixed:


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