B2B Conversational Marketing: What Customers Want

B2B customers want conversations with brands to be accurate and fast, and most say they will stop using communication channels if those expectations aren’t met, according to recent research from Drift and Heinz Marketing.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in July 2020 among 538 B2B professionals.

Customers say the most important factor that contributes to a positive experience when using a conversational tool or channel such as email, phone, or a chatbot with a B2B brand is “quick, detailed, and expert answers to my questions.”

That’s followed by having “complaints/issues resolved quickly”:

Some 59% of respondents say they would stop using a B2B brand’s conversation channel if it provided inaccurate information/didn’t answer their question, and 51% say they would stop using the channel if it were slow to respond.

The most commonly used tools for communicating with B2B brands are email (67% of respondents say they have used it in the previous six months), phone/video calls (51%), and online live chat (45%).

B2B customers say they primarily use conversational tools to communicate with businesses, get questions answered, and resolve issues (71% cite).

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted in July 2020 among 538 B2B professionals.


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