Advertiser: Google Smart Shopping Campaigns Can Report Fake Revenues

Kirk Williams posted a warning that if you are using the new customer acquisition goals in Google Smart Shopping Campaigns, Google might show you revenue that is not real. The issue is that you set how much is the value of a new customer, and Google will add that value on top of any real revenue you get from the ad click.

So if you get a click from a new customer and you tell Google that new customer value is $50 and that new customer then buys something for $200, Google will report the revenue at $250, not the $200 that customer spent with you.

Kirk wrote “this means if your company actually makes $100 from that new customer sale, Google Ads is now reporting your conversion value tracked to SSC as $150. It’s literally a made-up $50 that gives SSC more credit than it should receive, and to be honest, that angers me a little.”

So be careful with this setting:

click for full size

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