8 People Winning At Social Distancing

This piece is part of our COVID–19 coverage – sometimes you just need a bit of fun in your life.

Quarantine is mentally and physically challenging. So here are eight people who are doing their most to make the best of the situation. Share a laugh with us!

1. Tiger King Themed Dinner Party

This family who held a dinner party and dressed up like characters from Tiger King.

[embedded content]

If you’ve already binged Netflix’s Tiger King documentary, you’ll know how spot on this is.

2. Zoom Flip Cup

This group of friends who found an innovative way to party.

@sab.jamQuarantine can’t stop Thirsty Thursdays ##zoom ##zoomuniversity ##socialdistancing ##corona ##flipcup ##fyp ##foryou♬ Party Till We Die – MAKJ & Timmy Trumpet ft. Andrew W.K.

Flip Cup is a drinking game usually played during parties or gatherings where two teams stand on either side of the table. Relay style, the first person drinks from their cup, puts it on the table and tries to flip it upside down. Then the next person goes and so-on. Zoom was the perfect setup for them.

3. Quarantine Cutie

These cuties who found a creative way to date while socially isolating. The ultimate love story of quarantine.

They’ve added up to part five now so go check it out on Twitter.

4. Homemade Hibachi

This brother who is absolutely crushing the dinner at home game, preparing elaborate meals for his family.

@caitcanoedinner ##3 is his best yet i think ##fyp ##thedrop ##ButterGlossPop ##theworst ##MySkinandME ##dinnerchallenge♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

5. Home Musicals

This family who’s quarantine adaptation of a Les Mis song has gone viral.

[embedded content]

6. Socially Distant Get Togethers

These neighbors who are still hangin’ but 6 feet away, of course.

7. Mr. Clean

This guy’s dad who dressed up like Mr. Clean. Don’t know why, but it’s amusing!

8. 6 Feet Please

This guy who designed a contraption to keep people 6 feet away from him.

[embedded content]


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